Hell and Heaven are in the Hearts of Men

Report of Asako Ueda, Emerald Magistrate


I pray you will forgive any lack of decorum within, but I felt haste in this report to be of greater import than social niceties. Hida An-sama has left the Carpenter Wall and now leads an army of fresh Crab soldiers against the Unicorn. The death of his eldest, Hida Renmazuo-sama, at the literal hands of the Unicorn raider’s commander, Shinjo O-shite-sama, has impelled the Champion to take the field personally.

Shinjo Katsuko-sama and Utaku O-Kiri-sama mustered their own forces to repel the Crab. The two forces met just north of Tani Hitokage, the holding of the Crab’s allies in the Falcon Clan, and engaged in a parlay. Katsuko-sama brought forth Shinjo Koichiro-san, the last known relative of O-Shite-sama, who was willing to commit seppuku to assuage An-sama’s anger. The Champions discussed much, but for the sake of haste, I shall cut to the heart. An-sama called Koichiro-san’s seppuku a token gesture and insufficient, at which point Katsuko-sama ended parlay and both parties rejoined their forces.

The Crab proved to be an inexorable force, bolstered as they were by the Falcon Clan. The Unicorn retreated to Shiro Ide and I made immediately for Kyuden Miya. I shall entrust this message of one of their Heralds and return to Shiro Ide to continue my observations.

Asako Ueda
26 Horse, IC 1198



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