Hida Ban

Crab Clan * Bushi * Duelist


Ban was born shortly before the death of his grandfather, Hida Bantarou, and thus grew up during the height of his legend: the finest Crab duelist in the Empire. Naturally, such a story generated vast amounts of gossip in the courts of the Empire. Though initially ranging from skeptical at best to outright mocking, the tales of his unmatched blade silenced his critics and enflamed practitioners of iai the Empire over. Bantarou’s streak of victories came to an abrupt but not unexpected end at the hands of a member of the Crane’s Kenshinzen, a group composed of the finest duelists in the Crane Clan, if not the Empire as a whole. Although his life had ended, such a glorious end ensured that Bantarou’s legend lived on.

For nearly all of his life, Ban has placed the practice of iaijutsu at the foremost, hoping to continue his grandfather’s legacy. Though he faced criticism similar to that his grandfather had, he persevered. The day came that would either create or destroy his dream when he was chosen to represent the Crab in the annual Topaz Championship. At its end, he stood as the victor of the iaijutsu tournament that served as the Championship’s final and most anticipated event. Although his poor performance in the events prior prevented him from taking the title of Topaz Champion, he had proven to all present that he was the greatest duelist among the competitors.

Hida Ban

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