Ide Khalid

Unicorn Clan * Bushi * Courtier * Duelist * Cavalry


Disadvantage: Gaijin Name


Despite his gaijin name, Khalid is a traditional Rokugani through and through. At first glance, his dress and demeanor would make it easy for one to mistake him for a Kakita duelist or a Shiba warrior-scholar. To stem further confusion, he has incorporated a slightly exagerated family mon into the majority of his clothing.

Although he has inherited the social graces ingrained into his family line over their centuries of dealing with several diverse cultures, his trusting nature has shown itself to be a double-edged sword. He is easily able to make friends in most places, but has shown to be more susceptible to well-placed whispers of more seasoned and devious courtiers. None can deny that he shows great promise with the sword, whether on the battlefield or in a formal duel.

His skills served him well during the Topaz Championship of 1196, where he was one among the four highest-scoring competitors. Though he ultimately met defeat at the hands of Akodo Hizashi IV, he earned the friendship of the Lion bushi.

Khalid currently serves as Ide Chihiro’s yojimbo.

Ide Khalid

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