[spell]Ink of the void

make calligraphy from thought


Spell details:
Name: Ink of the void
Ring/Mastery: Void 2
Duration: permanent
Target: self
Raises: 3 raises confer a known emphasis. Additional raises can be made to convey a more complicated, multi-faceted idea.
Through the void, the caster captures the understanding and meaning of an idea as it exists from their perception. While words, demonstrations and images can be used to convey meaning, it is up to the student or observer to internalize that meaning and develop their own understanding. The caster turns that understanding into ink and creates calligraphy with it. Casting the spell requires deep concentration and meditation. The caligraphy takes twice as long as it normally does to create.. Any interruption will cause the spell to be lost and any Ink to disappear.
The result is a piece of calligraphy drawn in a very black ink. Any who study it for 15 minutes can make a meditation roll (TN 10) to truly know what the artist wished to convey. If the caster possesses 1 rank of a skill, they can choose to allow the calligraphy to reflect their understanding of that skill. Any who succeeded the meditation roll will then gain 1 rank in that skill for a number of hours equal to the caster’s school rank, if they possess no ranks in that skill. No more than 1 skill can be gained this way at a time.


This spell was developed by Isawa Azuma during winter court at Shinden Asahina. His inspiration for the spell was his attempt to understand art.

[spell]Ink of the void

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