[Spell]Stare Into The Void

see the esoteric


Spell: Stare into the void
Ring/Mastery Void 2
Duration: concentration
Target: self
Raises: none
Ishiken are taught that all things are one in the Void. With this spell they can begin to see the beginnings of this with their own eyes, allowing them to peer into the esoteric. As long as the shugenja concentrates they see visions. These visions provide some insight into the esoteric nature of what is around them.
Special: This spell must be learned innately. Once learned there are no noticeable signs of casting, other than concentration on the part of the caster.
Note: This spell is meant mostly for RP and fun. To that extent it’s very free form. I know staffing can be draining, and if you can’t think up some esoteric imagery , don’t sweat it. So, with that I don’t have any specific goals for the kind of information this spell can provide. I listed a couple of off the cuff examples of ways I could see it working. This list is by no means meant to be definitive.

Examples of the use of the spell
Viewing a Ronin who’s fallen on harder than normal times: The man might be smashed and nearly toppled by a wave.
Viewing a nemurenai used for healing: This spell would not reveal the abilities of a nemurani. The caster might see a strong blue glow, the glow showing power and the blue for water. If it was used often by a Lion samarui, the caster might get flashes of the nemurenai in a lion’s mouth (the animal)
Viewing a field where a battle just happened: I could show the ground bleeding, or a wash of heat moving across the field. If the area is settled because the battle is long past, the spell might show nothing out of the ordinary.
Viewing a liar: The liar might be covering their mouth with a phantom hand. The caster might see visions of the liar looking over their shoulder. Viewing a very honorable man
Viewing a game board: The random and chaotic nature of the game might show the pieces moving in no decernable way. If this is a war game (I think it’s called shogi) it might show visions of tiny soldiers on the board.
Viewing a rigged game board: The movement of the pieces might be more discernable and consistent.
Viewing a man about to die: Perhaps the caster would see a vision of the man injured as he will in the future.


[Spell]Stare Into The Void

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