Hell and Heaven are in the Hearts of Men

If My Fan Knew My Design
Who killed Yasuki Egetsunai?

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A Wise Man Hears One and Understands Ten
Topaz Championship 1197

Akodo Hizashi’s victory a year ago has secured for the Lion Clan the right to hold the Topaz Championship, funded by the daimyo of the Ikoma family, Sakon. His wealth notwithstanding, the event is still spartan in comparison to previous years. Sakon counters this criticism with the promise of security during this year’s procedings.

Not speaking is a Flower

Across the Empire, the practices of divination and prophecy have begun to behave erratically. Readings began being irreconcilably incorrect, then gibberish, and finally completely silent. Shortly after these bizarre events, a single peasant in a village near Ryoko Owari has begun to deliver unerringly accurate divinations. Hoping to find some answers to this event, the Phoenix’s Master of Air has recruited the Topaz Champion to investigate the matter.

A Single Step
Topaz Championship 1196

Following last year’s scandal in which a band of Ronin sabotaged several events and slew a judge, the Emperor declared that this year’s Topaz Championship would be held in Imperial lands. This year’s victor will not only recieve the title and accolades of Topaz Champion, but also secure for his clan the right to host the tournament from then on. The Crane have vowed to claim victory and retain their age-old right to host the tournament, but several other Clans are all too eager to claim this glory for themselves.

By His Own Rod
Kosaten Shiro - Winter Court 1195

Using the justification that the disruption of the Topaz Championship proved that the Crane Clan are unable to properly defend their lands, the Lion Clan attacked and claimed Kosaten Shiro shortly before the onset of winter. The Lion Clan’s champion, Akodo Tetsunori, has declared that he will hold his winter court in the newly acquired castle.

Fast Ripe, Fast Rotten
Topaz Championship 1195

The Topaz Championship is the Empire’s most prestigious gempukku ceremony, held annually in the Crane town of Tsuma. Over the course of three days, young samurai compete to show mastery in the skills taught to them by their clan. The victor gains the title of Topaz Champion for a year, bestowing it onto the best the next year has to offer.

Among the usual plots, egos, and ambitions of the contestants and attendees, something unforseen is transpiring…


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