Chapter One – Spring’s Blossoms Mingle

The Prodigal – The Great Wall of the North, Summer 1190 (Alex)

Shielded Heart – Kyuden Hida, Winter 1197 (Kira)

Tidings From Afar – Kyuden Hida, Winter 1197 (Kris)

The Elemental Council – Kyuden Isawa, Winter 1197 (Alex)

The Voice of Nothing – Dragon Mountains, Winter 1197 (Audrey)

Tides – Kyuden Doji, Winter 1197 (Audrey)

Frozen Tears of Heaven – Otosan-Uchi, Winter 1197 (Audrey)

Preparations – Otosan Uchi, Early Spring 1198 (Alex)

The First Step – Kyuden Hida, Spring 1198 (Alex)

Heavy is the Head – Otosan-Uchi, Spring 1198 (Audrey)

Hooks and Barbs – Ryoko Owari, Spring 1198 (Alex)

Blood Oaths – Outskirts of Otosan-Uchi, Spring 1198 (Blake)

Kumogakure: Vanished into the Clouds – Unicorn Lands/Emerald Championship, Spring 1198 (Audrey)

The Lion’s Peace – Plains of the Ikoma, Summer 1198 (Alex)

Riders in the Grass – Summer 1198 (Tyler)

The End of Chapter One: Spring’s Blossoms Mingle – Rokugan, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

Chapter Two – Summer’s Heat Blazes

The Temple in the Grasses – Unicorn Lands, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

The Dragon Forgets what More it Had to Say – Near the river north of Ryoko Owari, Scorpion lands, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

My Enemy’s Weakness – Shiro Kaotsuki no Higashi, Summer 1198 (Alex)

Strange Blossoms – Crab lands, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

The Sleeping Dragon and the Waking Lion – Lion lands, Summer 1198 (Alex) (with minor assists on some of Ren’s parts from Audrey :B)

The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game – Castle of the Emerald Champion, Summer 1198. (Tini)

Chigiri – Lion and Crane lands, Summer 1198 (Kira)

Loyalty – Otosan-Uchi, Summer 1198 (Alex)

Beacon – The Shadowlands, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

Kamikakushi – Otosan Uchi, Chisei District, Summer 1198 (Audrey, with major plot points & Hajime’s opening line from Alex)

Before the Assembled – Kyuden Hida, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

Sacred Ink in the Painted Desert – The Burning Sands, Summer 1198 (Audrey)

Landslide: An Epliogue to a Prologue – Kyuden Hida, Summer 1198 (Audrey)


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